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Dedicated GPU Servers for your rendering, deep learning & parallel computation tasks.

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No Shared Hardware & Very Fast I/O

We provide dedicated servers. So, all the hardware resources are yours only. This means SUPER FAST I/O compared to AWS GPU instances.

Data Security & Privacy

Your data is safe while you're working and wiped out after your rental.

Servers for Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL)

Our servers that has "ML" in their name are good for ML/DL applications. We know that these applications are more demanding than rendering (e.g. PCIe bandwidth), and we built our ML servers accordingly. All our "ML server"s:

  • are dedicated (no virtual machine)
  • have GPUs plugged on motherboard with minimum 8 PCIe lanes
  • come with GPU driver and CUDA runtime (pre-installed)
  • Tim Dettmers suggests that for preprocessing before training "you do not need a very good CPU. I recommend a minimum of 2 threads per GPU". And for preprocessing while training, he recommends a min. of 4 threads/GPU.

    GPU Single Precision (Tflops) CUDA Cores Memory Bandwidth (GB/s) VRAM
    GTX 1080 8.9 2560 320 8 GB GDDR5X
    Tesla K80 4.3 2496 240 12 GB GDDR5

    Server Rental Promotional Prices

    No hidden payments! No setup fee. You pay what you see.

    Need a different configuration than below servers? Please contact us.

    Long-term discounts are available when you rent for 2 months or more.

    How It Works (Rendering)

    Once you contact and tell us what you need, if there is a matching available server, we will send you the payment details. After the payment, you will receive your login details to the server.


    Tell us what you need

    Pay & Access

    Make your payment and
    log in to your machine.

    Download & Install

    Once you log in,
    1) Download your files*
    2) Download and install the software you need

    * To save time, upload your files to cloud before the rental starts

    Render (Rapidly)

    Let it render...
    You can close Microsoft RD Client on your local PC if you wish, and connect again anytime you want.

    After rendering ends, upload the work to cloud.

    Learn How GPU Rendering is Several Times Faster than CPU

    OctaneRender... V-ray... Redshift...
    GPU rendering is becoming an industry standard in the fields of Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Advertising...

    What Customers Say About Us

    One of the best ways to thank us is to send us your feedback!

    Matt Pidgeon

    Trickshot Films
    Dublin, Ireland

    "I'm happy to recommend Render Rapidly to other Redshift for Maya users. The servers are fast and stable and the administrator is very helpful."

    Ignacio Ramos

    Computer Vision Engineer
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    "I had once a very large dataset to train against. The task was requiring lots of GPU time, so AWS or GCD was not affordable. After a long search of GPU server providers, I found Renderrapidly. And their 2x 1080 server saved my life. I trained two models one on each GPU, and this doubled my productivity. I also found out that GTX 1080 is a lot faster than K80 (p2.xlarge). And yet, the cost of a GX1080 was literally a fraction of what I would pay for p2.xlarge! I definitely suggest Renderrapidly to anyone looking for training their models for cheaper."

    Tom Stracke

    3D Artist
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    "I've worked with Render Rapidly several times. I'm impressed with the stable and quality service. Thanks to their farm, I have more confidence to take on larger jobs because I don't need to worry about the render times. Keep up the great service!"


    RenderRapidly help you cure cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

    [email protected] is a project which studies proteins and the diseases that result from protein misfolding and aggregation in order to develop new drugs. People all over the world donate their idle computational power to support it. However this is usually not effective even a waste of money because the hardware is too weak. With our hardware and OS optimized for this job, we provide Folding as a Service, where we fold and monitor for you, until the ordered points are provided. Please contact us for more details.
    You can see our stats page here

    Contact Us

    Server booking: Please indicate your use case (ML, rendering...) and duration.

    Free trials for certain servers are available for established businesses.

    Hourly Rentals: Minimum order amount is $90